Fee structure

    1. The annual school fee is paid in 4 installments.
        First Installment      - July 15
        Second Installment - September 15 
        Third Installment     - November 15
        Fourth Installment   - January 15

    2. The installments are to be paid by the 15th  of  due month. After the due date a late fee of Rs. 50 
        is charged per installment. The Renewal Fee shall be paid with the first installment of the new 
        academic session.

    3. Pupils whose dues are not cleared completely will be debarred from sitting for examination. If the payment 
        is not made for 2 consecutive installments, the pupils will have their names struck off the rolls and full 
        admission fees will be charged for re-admission.

    4. Parents are requested to keep the receipts issued to them and produce them in proof of payment if needed.

    5. The school fees and other dues are liable to be revised at any time

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